5 Face To Face Marketing Tips by CEO Graham McCarthy


5 Face To Face Marketing Tips by CEO Graham McCarthy

In today’s world a lot of companies rely on Internet marketing and it’s limitless potential to reach audiences and untapped markets. However, using face to face marketing is still one of the most successful ways to build a loyal customer base and increase sales.


Knowing how to sell face-to-face will help you grow your business quicker. Some say selling is an art, others say that it is a science. Regardless which one you prefer, being able to sell is a worthy skill.


Body language plays a major role and it is all about being authentic, present and respectful to the potential buyers and customers.


Here are 5 key marketing tips when you are selling face to face.


  1. Start with a bang! Your opening statement has to be a positive and truthful. You get only one chance to make a good first impression. Making people feel good about themselves is almost guaranteed to get you more sales.You can simply start your conversation with a positive weather forecast or a nice weekend plans and avoiding any comments about traffic or being busy.


  1. Avoid criticizing your competitors. When you make a negative comment about anybody else in your business, people tend to put the same trades onto you. It is the way the human brain works by associating your “gossip” with your character, even when logically you know you are talking about another person. So it is best to avoid talking about your competitors in a negative manner and remain respectfully neutral towards them.


  1. Use powerful labels. When you “give” people a certain label they tend to live up to it. So just give people a positive truth about them.You can simply say “You are one of our best customers” or “You are such a plesure to do business with”. In that way they will try to be one of your best customers and do thier best to be a pleasure to do business with.


  1. Be mindful of your body language. Countless studies have shown the importance of your body language. It is a vital part of face-to face communication regardless if you are selling or not. A positive posture, eye contact and open arms are sure to get your potential clients and customers to listen to your message and in that way you have a better chance of making a sale.


  1. End on a high note. As the popular saying goes, people will remember how you made them feel. Towards the end as well as asking open questions and pitching your product and services you can also share a short interesting story or pay them a compliment. Always keep in mind that most people buy from people that they like.


The need for face to face marketing is ever growing. Get your customers to know you face-to-face and then they will be happy to read your social media posts and emails.

5 Face To Face Marketing Tips

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