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One to One Communications Career Development

Our company has been providing incredible career opportunities around the world for over 30 years, while servicing some of the world’s fastest growing companies. From modest beginnings in Sydney, Australia our business now operates in over 30 countries around the world in a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, energy, fundraising, financial services, insurance and retail merchandising, to name just a few.

With our global network and increasing client demand, we’re expanding into new markets around the world, faster than ever before and therefore the career opportunities have never been better.

The One to One Communications and the Brand Ambassador community career development path illustrated below, shows you how we guide and develop people from a sales and marketing role (Brand Ambassador) all the way through to Leadership and strategy positions (Leadership right through to Ownership).

This career development programme has become the corner stone of how we fulfil this growing market demand and have incredibly talented people in the right places around the world.



COD™ Stage 1: 


Everyone starts on Stage One of the Cycle of Development, regardless of their previous experience

Stage One is used to initially assess people’s suitability to the company.

Stage One development includes:

  • Basic sales and marketing skills
  • Essential customer service
  • How to develop and maintain a positive attitude
  • Attention to detail is a must. Does the individual present themselves in a professional manner?
  • Is time keeping adhered to when attending the Product Training days?

There is a constant assessment throughout the week with an oral assessment at the end of the week.



COD™ Stage 2:cta-1

By now, the basics of Sales and Customer Service are mastered.

Stage Two development includes:

  • Working with different types of customers
  • Learning to set and hit sales targets whilst working to a system
  • Becoming more independent in the field
  • Problem solving

It is a continuous assessment that is also reviewed with an oral test and a sales criteria in order to move onto the next level.



COD™ Stage 3:cta-1

Personal Development is paramount at this level.  Before we allow you to develop others, it starts with yourself – how do you and others view you? Coaching on Stage Three concentrates on increasing confidence, but also being able to coach and develop others.

Stage Three development includes:

  • Breaking comfort zones
  • Presenting yourself in a professional manner
  • Being planned and organised
  • Coaching someone on Cycle of Development Stage One and Two
  • Pre-assessing Stages one and two
  • Running Sales impacts
  • Travel to different offices in Ireland and International

This module is constantly assessed – the individual will be expected to achieve a set sales target and once again engage in a verbal test.



COD™ Stage 4:cta-1

By Stage Four, you would be coaching and developing at least four people. At this level, you will have a more prominent standing in the Marketing Company.
Stage Four development includes:

  • Working to a system
  • Networking
  • Being able to accept constructive criticism and applying advice
  • Territory Management
  • Creating success in others
  • Money Management
  • Customer Service
  • Public speaking

There is a constant evaluation process and a sales criteria to hit followed by a verbal evaluation. You will also spend more time with the Managing Director of the Marketing Company learning how they run their business.



COD™ Stage 5:

Stage Five development includes:cta-1

  • Working with and managing the Marketing Company Administrator
  • The daily, and weekly, paperwork processes
  • Working with accountants and book-keepers
  • Placing and writing advertisements
  • Facilitating day to day meetings
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Setting up your own registered company

There is a continued sales criteria to hit with a constant evaluation of performance.